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Bulk SMS messages are transferred between mobile phones via a Short Message Service Center. The Bulk SMS  is that resides in the operators network and manages the processes including queuing the messages, billing the sender and returning receipts if necessary. Many operators now offer web based interfaces to their  Bulk SMS  so we can send short messages to any mobile phone from the web. Some websites now offer Bulk SMS.

Network consolidation from mergers and acquisitions has resulted in large wireless networks having nationwide or international coverage. This new class of service providers demands network-grade products that can reliably and easily provide a uniform solution, enable ease of operation and administration, and accommodate existing subscriber capacity, message throughput, future growth, and services. Short messaging service center ( solutions based on an intelligent network (IN) approach are well suited to satisfy these requirements, while adding all the benefits of IN implementations.

Bulk SMS Service providers a mechanism for transmitting short messages to and from wireless devices. The service makes use of an Bulk SMS, which acts as a store-and-forward system for short messages. The wireless network provides the mechanisms required to find the destination station(s) and transports short messages between the Bulk SMS  and wireless stations. In contrast to other existing text-message transmission services such as alphanumeric paging, the service elements are designed to provide guaranteed delivery of text messages to the destination. Additionally, SMS supports several input mechanisms that allow interconnection with different message sources and destinations.

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